For creating comfortable working conditions for men ,machine and materials inside electrical controls rooms .CCR building ,sub station building .office areas ,Administrative buildings ,cements ,steel & other industries and also power houses.

For increasing productivity which ultimately leads to higher business, it is very important that there is comfortable atmosphere for men, machines and materials. From control rooms to office areas, cement or steel industries to power houses or cold storages, every building demands an air cooling system. We at Space Ventilation Systems are the most promising air cooling system manufacturers in India, offering humidity free and climate control technologies. We cater to a wide range of customers across different commercial or industrial applications. With a wide industrial experience and cutting edge technology we offer very high quality range of cooling units according to the diverse requirements and needs of our clients.

Our systems are available in capacity ranging from 2000 CHM to 15000 CHM. They are highly durable and demand very low maintenance. Our air cooling units help in saving electricity as the compressors need to run for lesser time in comparison to those with bunker coils. They are compact and thus save a lot of space. This along with innovative system designs, help in saving a large quantity of ammonia gas. Air cooling unit benefits you in maintaining a uniform temperature throughout the place though increased air circulation. These systems have a strong control over the levels of humidity and the temperature of the room and fulfill the dehumidification requirements of our clients. We can confidently claim that our systems are economical, highly efficient and reliable.

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