Axial Flow Fan

The svs manufacure fan covering a wide range of air quantities and preesure from 1000 CMH to 100000 CMH up to 5mm to55m static pressure.The cost alloy aluminium /PVC impeller are statically and dynamically balanced the are available for wall mounted & duct mountaded application.

Axial flow fans are designed to force the air to flow parallel to the blades in the shaft. These fans are used for various purposes such as small cooling fans to giant fans in wind tunnels; primarily used for air conditioning and industrial process applications. This type of fans are most commonly used as ceiling fan, in automobiles for engine cooling, in computers as cooling fan preventing the machine to overheat or as a variable pitch fan where control of air pressure within the duct is required.

We at Space Ventilation Systems manufacture a wide range of axial flow fans with various air quantities and pressure ranging from 1000 CHM to 100000 CHM having 5mm to 55mm static pressure. The impellers used in these fans are made of cast alloy aluminum/ PVC which are statically and dynamically balanced. Our range of axial fans is mostly available for wall mounted and duct mounted applications. These fans are designed to maintain excellent balance between air quantity, pressure and power consumption. Axial flow fans are highly useful for the purposes such as general ventilation, fume extraction and air conditioning or other special industrial applications. Our axial fans are designed to reduce your operating costs to the minimum. We provide the most economical and efficient axial flow fans to various customers across different industries such as fertilizers, thermal power stations, textile, pharmaceuticals etc.


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