Fume Scrubber

THE svs manufacure fan covering a wide range of air quantities and preesure from 1000 CMH to 100000 CMH up to 5mm to55m static pressure.The cost alloy aluminium /PVC impeller are statically and dynamically balanced the are available for wall mounted & duct mountaded application.

We understand that fume scrubbers are mainly useful for industries where chemicals are used extensively, releasing harmful gases. Thus contaminants need to be removed from these gases through rigorous processes of gas absorption, condensation and impaction of particulates in the gas. The facilities that involve high usage of the chemicals need to take adequate steps to make sure that the environment inside and outside the facility is not harmful for the employees or other people who are exposed to that gas. To meet this requirement, our fume scrubbers are equipped with a packed bed that helps in removing the odors, acids, chemicals or NOx fumes from the environment.

We at Space Ventilation Systems offer various fume scrubbers ranging from stand alone scrubbers to complete installed system. These scrubbers are available in standard sizes and can be customized depending on client requirements or floor area at facility of the clients. Our team of profound engineers works to ensure that we are updated with the latest technology available to produce the best quality highly efficient fume scrubbers for our clients. We offer different capacity fume scrubbers ranging from 2000 CHM to 35000 CHM. The scrubbers manufactured by SVS ensure removal of noxious corrosive gases and vapors from the exhaust air stream. These scrubbers are mainly suitable for corrosive or volatile fume exhaust from various processes and labs. Our engineers have an expertise in providing fire suppression and explosion free construction.

So if safety and health of the workers or corrosion of the fabric and building are your concerns our engineers are waiting to work with you to provide you with the most economical yet most efficient fume solutions that will best fit your needs..!!

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